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Knowledge Base

With their businesses developing, business owners, managers at varying management levels and employees responsible for business operations need knowledge. Their education may turn out to be insufficient or even irrelevant when it comes to everyday business life and may contradict the experience of people occupying corresponding positions. Hence, it is probable they you will overlook the imminent crisis. Many young entrepreneurs are not aware of the substantial outcomes of seemingly trivial decisions. This is why it is extremely important to know what to look for and where…


Analysis Center

Accounting in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises is usually limited to bookkeeping and the staff is only comprised of a few, diligent people who strive to achieve goals with the limited resources at their disposal. Regardless of current business development stage, entrepreneurs, managers and employees in charge of a wide range of business activities hardly ever ask themselves whether their businesses are legally, financially and strategically secure, or whether all the substantial risks, prospective gaps and probable causes of crisis or bankruptcy have been identified. We are here to help identify them…

Training and Counseling Section

Nowadays, it is much easier to spend money on boring courses than to devote some time to finding valuable training or conferences. One may find it even more difficult to spend one or more days away from home to take a course only to learn it was conducted by the unlicensed instructors. The question is how to obtain reliable information and fulfill your thirst for practical knowledge? How do I know what course should I take when it comes to business safety and security? All in all, it is impossible to know everything…